Deacon Ministry


The Deacon Ministry prayerfully and positively encourages and assists the church in ministries through hands-on servant leadership, helping and supporting in and beyond Cross Roads.



Prayer times and visits may be scheduled to pray with and minister to families. In addition to our church the deacons also pray for salvations, growth in the Kingdom of God, and revival in and through CRBC to our communities and the world beyond.

The Lord’s Supper

CommunionThe Pastor, a member of the Ministerial Staff, and/or a Deacon will go to serve the Lord’s Supper in the home or place of our church shut-in/homebound members, or a member with an extended illness. Please call the church office to request.



Deacon of the Week

This deacon assists the Minister on Call with attending to needs in the church family and meeting needs of the minister on call, encouraging them and praying for them.

Visitor Contact Information

The Deacon of the week picks up the visitor information and contacts those that visited the church.

Caring for Widows/ Widowers, Single Parents, Those Living Alone

We want to encourage those suffering from the loss of loved ones and living alone.  Sometimes just a phone call or a visit from a friend can be the encouragement you need for the day.  Let us know of people that would benefit from this ministry.

If you have information for the Deacons or need to get in touch with the Chairman of the Deacons please call the church at (864) 288.1626

Deacons Currently Serving:

John Janik; Ronny Gillespie; Jeff Griffith; Howard Moore; Eric McQueen; James Maxwell